Look N* 786


HEAD:  Desdemona Gothic Queen Head from May’s Soul & antielle at Fantasy Gacha *NEW*

HAIR: Melody – Chapter III Magic- Rare from Spellbound at The Arcade *NEW*

HAIR STICKS:  Rabbit in the Moon from Tentacio & antielle at The Arcade *NEW*

PANDA: Cow Panda from TMC at The Arcade *NEW*

HAND ACCESSORY: Rabbit in the Moon – Odango from Tentacio & antielle at The Arcade *NEW*

BASKET: Rabbit in the Moon – Sac Pink from Tentacio & antielle at The Arcade *NEW*

BIRDS:  Black & Berry Kiwi from Schadenfreude at The Arcade *NEW*

KNEES:  Damaged Knees Black from Clemmm at Dark Style Fair

TEACUP SET: Crazy 4 Tea from Geisha Dreams at Fantasy Gacha *NEW*

DRESS: Lolita Yukata Gothic – Rare from Tentacio & antielle at The Arcade *NEW*

SHOES: Rabbit in the Moon Okobo Powder from Tentacio & antielle at  The Arcade *NEW*

FEET: Slink flat feet at Slink



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