Look N* 798


SKIN: Lagherta Milk from WowSkins at Olala Event *NEW*

HORNS: Raksha from Suicide Gurls at Suicide Dollz Event *NEW*

EARS: Goblin ears – Black from Suicide Gurls at Genre  *NEW*July 15th* 

EYESHADOW: Angel Facepaint from Arise at OneWord *NEW*

NOSE CHAIN:  Annyn Nose Chains at Keystone 

TONGUE: Candy Tongue at [-p-] 

WINGS: Kerubiel at Suicide Gurls

TATTOO: Fiara Unisex Tattoo at Suicide Gurls *NEW*

TOP: Fur Scard Bro/ GolRARE from ::Una:: at Mysteri Gacha *NEW*

ARMLET: Nephthys Armlet Gold (Gacha) at MeshedUp

HEARSE: Funeral hearse at Death Row Design *NEW*

CLAWS: Cerentine at Suicide Gurls

PANTY: Lenha Down silver (Gacha) at ::Una::

THIGH ACCESSORY: Empress Set – Thigh – Gold (Gacha) at [Tia] 

FEET: Slink Flat Feet at Slink


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