Look N* 817



HAIR: No.37’15 at RedMint *NEW

HAT: Stitch Mini Hat – Common from .::DD::. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

HAIR ACCESSORY: Red Rosette Hair Ribbons from Aii at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

MOUTH: Needle Jaw at [ContraptioN]

NECKLACE: Yazbukey Lipstick Necklace – Red from 7891 at The Showroom *NEW

CLAWS: Cerentine at Suicide Gurls

KNEE TATTOO: Damaged Knees 3 at Clemmm 

HAND CAGE: Cricket Cages – Carnelian Metal – Rare from [Takeo] at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

DRESS: Chloris – blood lust from Adoness at The Thrift Shop *NEW

SHOES: Schichigatsu Geta  – Samurai – Rare from [Takeo] at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

FEET: Slink Flat Feet at Slink


Deer: Qilin – Fire – Rideable – RARE from Culprit at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW* 

Wonderland – Pavilion (Alice) Rare from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

RUG: Pagan Altar – Rug [Eye Black] from RM at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

CANDLES: Pagan Altar – Candle Silver/Red from RM at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland  – Lamp Post (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland  – Clock Post (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland – Cream & Sugar (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland Int – Teacup D (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland Int – Tea Table (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland Int – Tea Etagere 3 Tier (Royal) RARE from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland  – Topiary Teacup (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

Wonderland  – Shroom Table (Royal) from !SSD at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW


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