Look N* 820

Sleep Doll

Sleep Doll Items II

HEAD: Anna at Coco

BODY: Lara at Maitreya

ARMS: Doll Body Arms at Coco

CROWN: Die from ERSCH at Premium only event *NEW*

MOON ACCESSORY: Mystic Jewel at Le Morte *NEW*

COLLAR: Neris Collar – Onyx at Charm *NEW*

NECKLACE: Anarchy necklace from Death Row Designs at The Fantasy Collective *NEW*

ARMLET: Carnival Upper Arm Cuff from Meva at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

BANGLE: Carnival Bangle from Meva at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW

BODY SCAR: Autopsia15 at La Malvada Mujer *NEW* Group Gift

FEET TATTOO: Bloody Feet at Clemmm

FEET: Mid Feet at Slink


All the decoration are from Death Row Designs at The Arcade Gacha *September 1st*

Creepy doll


Wiccan pentagram 



Attic junkpile

Sidetable darkbrown



Childs bed

Baby carriage

Chandelier 1 light 

Haunted Dresser 


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