Look N* 824


Pinky doll

Pinky doll Skins

BODY: Lara at Maitreya & Galatea Doll – Satyr – Natural from *Tentacio* at The Arcade

SKIN: Susse complete avatar (Dress(for maitreya)/Skin/Shape/Lipstick)  from WowSkins at Swank Event *NEW*

HAIR: Nightshade at Spellbound

HORNS: Strantlers at Aesthetica

HEADCHAIN: Etna HeadChain – Heart at Suicide Gurls *Coming soon*

TEARS:  Bloody Tears at Repulse

BLOODY MOUTH: Cheeky Split at Clemmm

PADS: Shala Pauldron at Suicide Gurls *Coming soon*

PET:  Posh Puppy Run – Pink Hearts from Shai at The Arcade *NEW*

DRESS: Ivory Strap Dress (Maitreya)  from WowSkins at Swank Event *NEW*


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