Look N* 838


Merlina blog

Merlina blog deco2

Merlina blog ITEMS2

SKIN: Fatma at WowSkins *NEW*

HAIR: Frenchie at illmvtic

HORNS: Vengeance Horns Black Glass at Aii *NEW*

HEADBAND: Runa – Black from Le Morte at The Kawaii Project *Oct 15th* *NEW*

EYES & FACE TATTOO: Condemned Face Tattoo from Suicide Gurls at Fair Play *NEW*

BUTTON: Button Pin – Okayest from [7891.] at McGlockin Ave *NEW*

COLLAR: Turian Tear from Sad Harlekin at We ❤ rp *NEW*

CAT: Spoop Cat from Aiko at The nightmare Event *NEW*

PET: Kitsune; Kitsugami – UNCOMMON from LoveFox at The nightmare Event *NEW*

NAILS: Slaughter Bloody Nails from Suicide Gurls at The nightmare Event *NEW*

DRESS: Ballon Dress at MoDANNA *NEW* *Group Gift* 

SOCKS: Oleandro at La Malvada Mujer *NEW* *Group Gift* 

FEET: Slink Flat Feet at Slink

FEET ACCESSORY: Eesha – Feet Accessory – White&Black at Suicide Gurls

DECORATION: Burtonesque from Death Row Designs at Collabor88 *NEW*


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