Look N* 840


Kitty Dark2

Kitty Dark SKIN

Kitty Dark ITEMS2

SKIN: ZomBetti from .:Soul:. at Omega Tent Event *NEW*

HAIR: The Wish at Magika

EARS: Vulpine Ear – Purple and Blue from [D]oki at Kawaii Project *NEW*

BOW: Kawaii Skull Bow – Sugar from LoveFox at The Fantasy Collective *NEW*

EYES: Soul Collector’s Eye at Aii *NEW*

LIPSTICK: Oleandro at La Malvada Mujer *NEW*

NECK ACCESSORY: Monster Bolts from LoveFox at Kawaii Project *NEW*

BONE TATTOO: Skeleton Tattoo from LoveFox at Kawaii Project *NEW*

HANDS: Nyan Paw from LoveFox at Kawaii Project *NEW*

BAG: Coffin Bags from Cute Poison at Kawaii Project *NEW*

BACKPACK: Eclipse – Kitten from Le Morte at IDK Event *NEW*

TAIL: Vulpine Tail – Blue from [D]oki at Kawaii Project *NEW*

SHOES: Monster Heels from Aii at Kawaii Project *NEW*


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