Look N* 843



redskinhorns ITEMS2

SKIN: Shadya at Suicide Gurls *Coming soon*

HORNS: Demon Hido Horns Onyx at Aii *NEW*

EYEPATCH: DeathStare – Eyepatch from SadHarlekin at Suicide Dollz Event  *NEW*

COLLAR: Spike necklace – Black from ERSCH at The Showroom *NEW*

PADS: Shala at Suicide Gurls

CHEST TATTOO: Revenga from Suicide Gurls at Suicide Dollz Event  *NEW*

ARM & LEG TATTOO: Fiara at Suicide Gurls

BRACELET: Cataclyst at SadHarlekin *NEW*

CLAWS: Cerentine at Suicide Gurls

SKIRT: Gudrun (gacha) at !gO!

FEET: Slink Flat feet at Slink


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