Look N* 854


Angel Sky

HEAD: Jessica at Catwa 

BODY: Lara at Maitreya

SKIN: Leliel Skin  from Suicide Gurls at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

HAIR: Hephan from [DUE] at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

HEADDRESS: DeadLeaves Headdress from Sinful Sky at Sad November *NEW*

HALO: Angelical Halo Silver from .AiShA. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

MOUTH ACCESSORY: Falena-Natural from Sinful Sky at Sad November *NEW*

COLLAR:  Fawn necklace – Golden angel from Elysium at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

BRACELETS: Angelical Bracelet from .AiShA. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

TATTOOS: Gzrel from Suicide Gurls at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

HANDS: Elegant1 at Slink

CLAWS: Cerentine at Suicide Gurls

WINGS: Angelical Wings Gold from .AiShA. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

TOP: Angelical Top – Gold White from .AiShA. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

SKIRT: Angelical Skirt – Gold White from .AiShA. at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

FEET: Feet Flat at Slink


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