Look N * 855


Queen Crowf

HEAD: Jessica at Catwa 

BODY: Lara at Maitreya

SKIN: Yolandi at Suicide Gurls *NEW*

FACE TATTOO: Yolandi makeup I from yolandi skin at Suicide Gurls *NEW*

HEADPIECE: Drakonian Angel – Crown Black – Rare from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

HORNSDrakonian Angel – Horns from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

EARS: Sylvan Ears from bentbox at we ❤ roleplay *NEW*

SWORD:  Archangel Sword – Blk/Silv from SWaGGa at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

WINGS: Drakonian Angel – Wings from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

CLAWS: Drakonian Angel – Black Claws from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

ARM TATTOO: Gzrel Rare 1 from Suicide Gurls at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

LEG TATTOO: Gzrel Rare 3 from Suicide Gurls at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

SNAKE: Reptilia – Albino at Aii *NEW*

HARNESS: Drakonian Angel – Harness from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

CORSET: Drakonian Angel – Corset Black from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

THONG: Drakonian Angel – Thong from May’s Soul at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

POSE: Lostboy – Lostboy 1 from ROQUAI at Enchantment’s Neverland *NEW*


TREE: Graveyard Tree (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769

WALLS: Graveyard Connection Wall (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769

THRONE: Barbarian vampire throne  dark at Death Row Designs

ALTAR: Graveyard Altar (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769

LANTERN: Graveyard Lantern (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769

GARGOYLE: Graveyard Gargoyle (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769

GAZEBO: Graveyard Gazebo (gacha) from bauwerk at 22769


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