Look N* 864


Navid 3 F


SKIN: Yolandi at Suicide Gurls *NEW*

EYES: Ardat from Suicide Gurls at Totally Top Shelf *NEW* December 2nd*

BODY: Lara at Maitreya

EARS: Sylvan Ears at Bentbox

MOUTH: Elena at Loud Mouth

HANDS: Elegant 1 at Slink

FEET: Slink  Flat Feet at Slink

HAIR: Feline at Little Bones

HORNS: Excidio Horn – Violet from OtherSkin at Fair Play **NEW* December 1st*

EARRINGS: Nightmare Earrings from Le Morte at Totally Top Shelf *NEW* December 2nd*

COLLAR: Gaurdians Mercury Tigereye from OtherSkin at Fair Play **NEW* December 1st* Gift

FOREHEAD TATTOO:  High School Damaged 5 – B Grade  (Gacha) at Antielle

CHEEK & NOSE TATTOO: High School Damaged – 9 – Nyan! (Gacha) at Antielle

MOUTH TATTOO: The Alchemical Transformation (7) – Coagulation (Gacha) at Antielle

CHEST TATTOO: The Alchemical Transformation (1) – Calcination (Gacha) at Antielle

BODY TATTOO:  The Alchemical Transformation – Homunculus Rare (Gacha) at Antielle

HANDS TATTOO: Rage at Suicide Gurls 

FEET TATTOO: Filthy Feet at Clemmm

NAILS: Cerentine – Solid Colors at Suicide Gurls 



TREE: Nightmare Christmas Tree at Sanctuary

TREE STUMP: AngelBunny Tree Stump from Fuubutsu Dou at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

GIFT BOXES: Fancy Giftboxes at {what next}

CHAIR: Wings Chair . white / silver Rare from Sway’s at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

VIOLIN: Demilin Rare from Distorted Dream at Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

SNOW ANIMALS: Snow Animals from +Half-Deer+ at N21 *NEW*

CATS: The Cattening – Tabetha (Play) / Moonie (Stretch) / Gabriel (Stretch) from DarkendStare at Kawaii Project *NEW*



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