Look N* 867


wolf 3

BODY: Lara at Maitreya

HANDS: Elegant 1 at Slink

EARS: Sylvan Ears at Bentbox

EYES: Hellis from Suicide Gurls at Fair Play *NEW

SKIN: Yolandi at Suicide Gurls *NEW*

HAIR: Merula from Lovey Dovey at Totally Top Shelf *NEW

WREATH: Darkness on X-Mas from ERSCH at Totally Top Shelf *NEW

HEADPIECE: Darkness on X-mas 14 headpiece from ERSCH at Totally Top Shelf *NEW

TEARS: Ardat from Suicide Gurls at Totally Top Shelf *NEW

COLLAR: Helios Chainmail – Silver – Black from Charm at we ❤ rp *NEW

OUTFIT: Anais Bikini – Silver at Luas *NEW

KNEE TATTOO: Damaged Knees .7 at Clemmm



FOXES: Winter Foxes from The Secret Store at The Arcade *NEW

ORNAMENT: Glass Ornament  from {anc} at Holiday Market

BEADS: Mist cloud & nebra beads [sungold] at {anc}

DOVE: No Limits walking dove – [sugar white]  from {anc} at The Arcade *NEW

DEER: Porcelain Deer from Dust Bunny at The Arcade *NEW

UNICORN: Faux Unicorn Taxidermy (pearl) – Rare  from ISON The Arcade *NEW

BOX:  Jewelry Box from Dust Bunny at The Arcade *NEW




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