Look N* 876


Reno F

Pose: Rore 2 at at ROQUAI *NEW

Location: Ippos

Body: Doll Body at *Coco*

Mask: Intruder Mask – Rudolph from *katat0nik* at Winter Gacha *NEW

Necklace: Zombie Hunter –  ZombieEars  Necklace (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.

Hands: Zombie Hunter –  Zombie Hands – Fresh  (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.

Machete: Zombie Hunter – Zombie Killer – Machete  (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.

Slayer Mask: Zombie Hunter – Zombie Killer – Slasher Mask  (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.

Zombie Head: Zombie Hunter – Zombie Head (Rare) (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.

Headstone: Zombie Hunter – Headstone Backpack (Gacha) at {PSYCHO:Byts}.



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