Look N* 883


Kitsune F

Skin: Morphine at Cureless 

Hair: Aime at Ayashi

Hair Accessory: Mesh Hair Add-ons at Aii 

Eyes & Head Piece: Usagi Daihuku at Siratama 

Blush: Inori at Suicide Gurls 

Face Tattoo: Kitsune makeup 05 from Violetta at Japonica *NEW*

Arms: Kali Exra Arms at Aii 

Arm Accessory: Hagoromo at Aii 

Fur: + Inudaiyoukai Fur Mantle at Aii

Clothes: Furkini Set at Aii

Knee Tattoo: Damaged Knees 3 Clemmm

Gueta: Glass Clogs – Momo at Siratama *NEW*


Location: Ippos

Lanterm:  Andon Square – 2 and Andon Square 3 from Naminoke at Cosmopolitan *NEW*

Foxes: Winter Foxes from The Secret Store at The Arcade *NEW*

Plant: Marsh plant at 3D Trees



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