Look N* 887


Butterfly 2

Head: Lily at *Coco*

Body: Doll Body at *Coco*

Hair: Kasimire from Truth at The Epiphany *NEW*

Ears: Sylvan Ears at Bentbox

Wreath: Eindride Wreath – Heaven from Plastik at The Secret Affair *NEW*

Moon Bindi: Lunar Moth Bindi Gold from Aii at Omgacha *NEW*

Collar: Elle – Gold (Ephiphany Exclusive) from Charm at The Epiphany *NEW*

Harness: Elle – Gold – COMMON from Charm at The Epiphany *NEW*

BodySuit: Doll Bodysuit – BlackPattern at *Coco*

Butterflies: Lunar Moth Pet Hip from Aii at Omgacha *NEW*

Wings: Lunar Moth Wings – RARE from Aii at Omgacha *NEW*

Arms: Lunar Moth Extra Arms from Aii at Omgacha *NEW*

Legs: Lunar Moth Legs – RARE from Aii at Omgacha *NEW*

Papers: Ceres – Book with lying papers – Vintagr (Gacha) at :Moon Amore:

Pose: Dance from NanikA at Fair Play *NEW*

Location: Pandora Box




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