Look N* 888




Bed Skin

Skin: India Tone 2 from La petite morte at The Season Story *NEW*

Hair: Penny from Lovey Dovey at Hairology *NEW*

Head: Simone at Lelutka

Body: Lara at Maitreya

Earrings:  Sinestre Earring from The Plastik at Gender Neutral *NEW*

Sleep Mask: Nordic Sleep Mask from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Bracelets: Kajurali Bracelet from The Plastik at ROMP *NEW*

Rings: Kajurali  Ring from The Plastik at ROMP *NEW*

Camisole: Nordic Camisole – Rare from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*



Bed: Nordic Bed – RARE from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Tapestry: Boho Bedroom Tapestry from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Cushion: Tanukineko – Zabuton C from [[RH]] Design House at The Season Story *NEW*

Sofa: Boho Bedroom Bench from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Shelf: Nordic Shelf from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Cabinet: Boho Bedroom Cabinet from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Floor Box: Nordic Deco Box from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Wood Deco: Boho Bedroom – Wood Wall Decor from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Clock: Nordic Alarm Clock from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Lamp: Boho Bedroom Lamp from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Desk: Nordic Desk from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Round Rug :Boho Bedroom Round Rug from Luas at Omgacha *NEW*

Carpet: Nordic Carpet from Luas at The Epiphany *NEW*

Sleeping Cat: Shabby Cats – Hug a bear – Grey from Birdy at The Epiphany *NEW*

Stretch Cat: The Cattening – Moonie – Stretch (gacha) at DarkendStare



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