Look N* 895



Albino Eyes

Skin: Edition special – Albino skin tone – Sweet Bunny at Enfer Sombre *NEW*

Eyes: Sweet bunny at Enfer Sombre *NEW*

Head: M3 Venus Anime Head at Utilizator

Body: Kemono at Utilizator

Horns: Celestial Dragon Horns – RARE from darkendStare. at Gacha Garden *NEW*

Ears: Celestial Dragon Ears – Snowstorm – RARE from darkendStare. at Gacha Garden *NEW*

Wings: Celestial Dragon Wings – RARE from darkendStare. at Gacha Garden *NEW*

Dragon: Celestial Dragon Pet – (Seed of Inspiration) from darkendStare. at Gacha Garden *NEW*

Tail: Celestial Dragon Tail – Snowstorm – RARE from darkendStare. at Gacha Garden *NEW*

Dress: Lilu at Plastiline

Stockings: Ball-jointed doll at Karupisyu

Location: Ippos



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