Look N* 912





Skin: Nia from Suicide Gurls at Skin Fair *Coming soon*

Face Tattoo: Hellish at Suicide Gurls

Mouth: Needle Jaw  at [ContraptioN]

Hands Tattoo: Slaughter at Suicide Gurls

Leg Tattoo: The warrior’s code – Rare from Suicide Gurls at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

Dress: SweetPrincess – Rare from W-Zero at CCB  *NEW*

Socks: Frill Ankle Socks from S@BBiA at CCB  *NEW*



Mannequin:  on.display – Rare 1 & 2 and  on display 3 from Nefarious Inventions at Lost and Found *NEW*

Paint Bottle: On the gogh – Red from Nefarious Inventions at Whimsical *NEW*

Paint Brushes: Oversize paint brush decor – Orange/Red & White from Nefarious Inventions at Whimsical *NEW*

Wardrobe: Mystery Mansion – Wardrobe at Death Row designs

Noose: Mystery mansion – Noose (Gacha) at Death Row Designs

SuitCase: Mystery mansion – Suitcases pile at Death Row Designs

Frames: Mystery mansion – Frames1 at Death Row Designs

Chair: Mystery mansion – Rocking chair at Death Row Designs

Ouija: Mystery mansion – Ouija at Death Row Designs

Easel: easel06 at Leia

Hanging Light: Motel – hanging decorlight at Death Row Designs

Drawings Textures: Mystery mansion – Walltextures at Death Row Designs


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