Look N* 928





Skin: Ivet (Exclusive Prize) from Enfer Sombre at The Epiphany *NEW* *April 11th*

Hair: Cara at KoKoLoReS

Hair Stick: Geisha Headpiece from ERSCH at The Creativity Collective *NEW*

Body: Lara at Maitreya

Hands: Elegant 1 at Slink

Feet: Lara at Maitreya

Moles: Sophia at  Suicide Gurls

Tattoo: Ewa from Suicide Gurls at BodyFy *NEW*

Top: Tangled Top – Black from .AiShA. at The Fantasy Collective *NEW*

BodySuit: Sherry from Suicide Gurls at Kinky Monthly Event *NEW*


Ashtray: Drafted – Ashtray from Nefarious Inventions at The Gacha Guardians *NEW*

Orchids: Over Grown – Beer Orchids from Nefarious Inventions at Lost & Found *NEW*

Buckets: Over Grown – Stacked Buckets from Nefarious Inventions at Lost & Found *NEW*

Book: Over Grown – Cacti Book from Nefarious Inventions at Lost & Found *NEW*

Herb Drawers: Over Grown – Herb Drawers Chipped from Nefarious Inventions at Lost & Found *NEW*


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