Look N* 932

This is it


Hair: DPY537 at booN

Eyes: Delicate Death at Clemmm

Tattoo: The warrior’s code (Gacha) at Suicide Gurls

Halo: Synthetic Angels – Seraph Halo – Blood from CURELESS at The Epiphany *NEW*

Mask: Synthetic Angels – Dominion Mask – Dark from CURELESS at The Epiphany *NEW*

Wings: Steampunk Leather Wings – Black from Noble Creation at Epicene *NEW*

Arms: Not The Droid Parts Black & Not The Droid Parts Red (Gacha) at *QweenB*

Pelvis Cover: Not The Droid Part Pelvic Cover (Exclusive) from *QweenB* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Leg: Not The Droid Parts Legs – Black from *QweenB* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Location: Ippos


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