Look N* 943


The Future

Helmet: Bubblegum – Black from Poisoned Diamond at CyberZ *NEW*

Mask: SewMe – The Eye from Clemmm at Dark Style Fair 3 *NEW*

Wings: Cyber wings from Tapi at CyberZ *NEW*

Arm Straps: Arm Strap from Muka at Dark Style Fair 3 *NEW*

Arm: Arm Sword Blue from Merlific at CyberZ *NEW*

Tattoo: Bora Unisex Tattoo from Suicide Gurls at Dark Style Fair 3 *NEW*

Suit: Strapped Bodysuit – Black from Modanna at Dark Style Fair 3 *NEW*

Boots: Bubblegum boots – White and Bubblegum boots – Black from Poisoned Diamond at CyberZ *NEW*


Location: Ippos

Flowers: Dystopia Flower at E.V.E

Lamp: Silk Lily Lamp from Ariskea at Dark Style Fair 3 *NEW*

Floor decoration: Waving Bioluminescent Fungus – White at E.V.E




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  1. evesimaginarium · July 3, 2016

    Reblogged this on E.V.E and commented:
    Thanks bella ❤


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