Look N* 951



HeadPiece: Svetla Horns& Antlers -B&R ULTRARARE from Suicide Gurls at Gami Gacha event *New*

Head: Luxurious Dolls – The Allseeing Head (Exclusive) from CURELESS at Gami Gacha event *New*

Hair: Michan – Monotone (Gacha) at Doe

Halo: Great Kitsune – Black Magatama Halo from Aii at  Gami Gacha event *New*

Clutch: Parts Gacha 04 – clutch red from ERSCH at  Gami Gacha event *New*

Hands Tattoo: Rage at Suicide Gurls

Nails: Luxurious Dolls / Ruby Nails from CURELESS at Gami Gacha event *New*

Kimono: Kimono en Latex 1 from Sorbet. at Gami Gacha event *New*

Talisman: Sacred Talismans – Black and Sacred Talismans – Red at Aii



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