Look N* 953



Hair: Starry Night – Windy B&W (Gacha) at Tableau Vivant

HeadBand: Pool Party Gacha – Headdress 16 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Sunglasses: Relaxation Vacation – Pink glasses from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Mouth Accessory: Pool Party Gacha – Secret 21 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Bikini: Pink Bunni Bathing Suit –  W Polka Pink  Bunni Bathing Suit (for slink physique only) from Aii at Kawaii Project *NEW*

Coconut: Relaxation Vacation – Coconut drink from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Feet accessory: Pool Party – Leg Bracelet 8 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*


Ice cream: Relaxation Vacation – Ice cream from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Radio: Relaxation Vacation – Radio 01 from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Cornettos: Relaxation Vacation – Cornettos from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Fan: Relaxation Vacation – Fan 02 from Tentacio at The Arcade *NEW*

Flamingo: Pool Party Gacha – Flamingo Prop from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

IceCream: Pool Party Gacha – IceCream 12 and IceCream 14 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Watermelon: Pool Party Gacha – Watermelon ULTRARARE from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Pizza: Pool Party Gacha – Pizza Float RARE from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Parasol: Pool Party Gacha – Parasol 6 and Parasol 3 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Starfish: Nacon’s Starfish at VN

Location: Ippos


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