Look N* 956


Sailor F

Sailor skin

Sailor skin Lips

Skin: Luna from Enfer Sombre at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Head: Jessica at Catwa

Body & Hands: Lara at Maitreya

Hair: The Roise Moon from .Olive. at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Eyes: Snowfall Eyes – Deep Blue at Tsg

Ribbon: Moon love – Hair Ribbon from *Tentacio* at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Blush: Inori at Suicide Gurls 

Tattoo: Yanayi Tattoo (Gacha) – UltraRare 2 at Suicide Gurls

Necklace: Moon love – Moon pocket blue from *Tentacio* at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Wand: Princess Twinklefluff – Bunny Stardream Wand RARE from +Half-Deer+ at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Gloves: Crystal Heart 8 – Maitreya – Rose Gloves from Moon Elixir at The Cristal Heart *NEW*

Dress:  Starcrosser Suit [White/Pink] (maitreya) from darkendStare. at The Cristal Heart *NEW*



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  1. Misha Flanagan · July 5, 2016

    Reblogged this on Fashion Forward in SL.


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