Look N* 960

Still Remaining

Electric F

Electric Skin

Pose: Lil Princess – 02 from Serendipity at Pose Lover & Friends Event *NEW*

Skin: Lovely Doll Gacha – Isabella from Enfer Sombre at The Epiphany *NEW*

Head: Jessica at Catwa

 Sakkat: Shiro Sakkat  + {EgoSumAii} – Blood from Aii at UbumexOrigami *NEW*

Hair: Nakajima from [^.^Ayashi^.^]  at Hair Fair *NEW*

Collar: Hunters Claw Necklace – Black from +XAnSA+ at Genre *NEW*

Gloves:  Red Stiletto Gloves at Beausy

Tattoo: The warrior’s code – Ultrarae at Suicide Gurls

Obi: Ningyo Obi from Aii at UbumexOrigami *NEW*



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