Look N* 969

Haunt me


Head: Jessica at Catwa

Skin: Kira – S2 at Mudskin

Eyes: Cheri – Abyss at {S0NG}

Headdress: Doom girl – Macaron from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Ribbon: Doom girl – Ribbon – Blue from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Visor: Doom girl – Visor – Pink from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Tattoo: Yanayi – UltraRare 2 at Suicide Gurls

Gun Machine: Doom girl – Gun Machine (RARE) from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Flamethrower: Doom girl – Flamethrowe from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Arm:  Doom girl – Bionic Arm from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Bodysuit: Aggie latex suit at Suicide Gurls

Short: Rah Rah Shorts from *QweenB* at Whore Couture 6 *NEW*

Stockings: Molly Stockings – White Set from Suicide Gurls at Whore Couture 6 *NEW*

Leg Gun:  Doom girl – Gun from *Tentacio* at The Arcade *NEW*

Shoes: Brianna from Suicide Gurls at Whore Couture 6 *NEW*



Curtain: Fairy Curtain at +Half-Deer+

Moons: Moon love – Light moon (Gacha) at *Tentacio*

Fan: Relaxation Vacation – Fan 02 (Gacha) at *Tentacio*

Candy Apple: Oz sweets – Tin Man Candy Apple (Gacha) at May Soul & *Tentacio*

Mannequin: Miniature Heaven – Mary {light} RARE &  Mannequin Flower from {anc} at The Arcade *NEW*

 Elephants: Charming Elephants – Carefree from Mutresse at The Arcade *NEW*

Doll: Tactical Star from Garbaggio at The Arcade *NEW*

Cat: Magical Curiosities – Two-Headed Cat – Lay (Snow) from +Half-Deer+ at The Arcade *NEW*

Bunny: Bunny Fluffz – Violet from MishMish at The Arcade *NEW*

Muffins: Oz sweets – Rainbow muffins (Gacha) at May Soul & *Tentacio*

Jeep: 4×4- BabyBlue from Bueno at The Arcade *NEW*



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