Look N* 970







Pose: Waiting from Serendipity at Pose Lover & Friends *NEW*

Skin: Kimmie Skin – T1 at Avi-Glam *NEW*

Eyes: Elysian Eyes – Kawaii – M at Avi-Glam *NEW*

Hair: Naoko from [KoKoLoReS] at Cosmetic Fair *NEW*

Crown: Leaf Fall – 20 Crown RARE from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Headband: Leaf Fall – Headband 13 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Hairpin:  Leaf Fall – Pin 11 from ERSCH at On9 *NEW*

Makeup: Eiko Makeup from Suicide Gurls at Cosmetic Fair *NEW*

Rose and Collar: Romantic Whisper Mouth – Queen from ::Axix:: at We<3RolePlay *NEW*

Body Chain: Nyura from Suicide Gurls at Suicide Dollz Event *NEW*

Wings: Eternity Wings – Innocence (color was edited in photoshop) at Remarkable Oblivion *NEW*

Wall art: Gold retreat wall art – holding on  and  reaching gold from DRD at The Secret Affair *NEW*



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