Look N* 983

No Secrets



Head: Jessica at Catwa

Skin: Rosie from Enfer Sombre at The Kawaii Project *NEW*

Eyes: Fiori – Moon at {S0NG}

Blush: Inori at Suicide Gurls

Eyelashes: Cry Baby at Enfer Sombre

Hair: 8152 at Pink Hustler

Headphones:  Let’s dance – Pink Headphones from *Tentacio* at Kustom9 *NEW*

Radio Necklace: Relaxation Vacation – Radio 01 at *Tentacio*

Radio Hand Accessory: Let’s dance – Radiocassette pink from *Tentacio* at Kustom9 *NEW*

Ice Cream: Relaxation Vacation – Ice Cream at *Tentacio*

Outfit: Let’s dance – Body Grey – RARE  from *Tentacio* at Kustom9 *NEW*


Roulottee: Sweet little bakery – Roulottee – Rare from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Juice: Sweet little bakery – Detox juice from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Muffins: Sweet little bakery – Muffins from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Pie:  Fall delight – Blueberry pie from *Tentacio* at The Season Story *NEW*

Bear bread: Sweet little bakery – Bear bread from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Cake: Sweet little bakery – Donas Cake from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Chestnuts: Fall delight – Chestnuts from *Tentacio* at The Season Story *NEW*

Milk: Fall delight – Hot milk from *Tentacio* at The Season Story *NEW*

Pretzels: Sweet little bakery – Pretzels Tray from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Croassants: Sweet little bakery – Croassants Tray from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Pancake: Fall delight – Pancake Tower from *Tentacio* at The Season Story *NEW*

Donuts: Fall delight – Sugar donas from *Tentacio* at The Season Story *NEW*

Bakery Bag: Sweet little bakery – Bakery Bag from *Tentacio* at Epiphany *NEW*

Bat: Doom girl – Weapon Bat at *Tentacio*

Skateboard: Funny weekend – Skateboard 02 at *Tentacio*


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