Look N* 984



Head: Mai at Genesis Lab

Mask: Shinjuku Rioters – Rioter Mask – Red from Curemore at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

Fan: War Fan – Blood from [CX] at CCB *NEW*

Dragon: Shinjuku Rioters – Dragon Spirit – UltraRare from Curemore at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival *NEW*

Collar: Lolita – Chained Collar – UltraRare at {L} 

Tattoo: Usagi Unisex Tattoo at Suicide Gurls

Nails: Cerentine – Solid at Suicide Gurls

Geta: Take Geta – Natural Blood from [:-.SOUEN.-:] at CCB *NEW*


Curtain: Oden Yatai – 7 Noren – Red from [[RH]] at CCB *NEW*

Wall and floor stones:  Tobiishi -Stepping stone- (B) Moss (color was mod in world) at [[RH]]

Snakes: Demon Exorcist – Oorochi – Rare at Aii

Floor Sealed: Demon Exorcist – Sealed Mask Red at Aii


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