Look N* 999

Some Way

Asian RedHead

Head: Catya at Catwa

Skin: Astrid – April from Pumec at Skin Fair 2017 *NEW*

Hair: Lady Rosette – Reds from Tableau Vivant at We ❤ RP *NEW*

Eyebrows: Adumbrate from [okkbye] at Skin Fair 2017 *NEW*

Eyelashes: Lithe from [okkbye] at Skin Fair 2017 *NEW*

Lipstick: Fight Fight Fight! Lip from Poupee at Skin Fair 2017 *NEW*

Harness: Ume blossom – Harness from {wa-kotolier}  at Japonica *NEW*

Nipple accessory: Hanakazari from Souen at CCB *NEW*

Tattoo: Eliane Tattoo from Suicide Gurls at Skin Fair 2017 *NEW*

Hands: Bento Vista Pro hands at Vista Animations

Origami: Ninja into the dark – Origami Blood (Gacha) at May’s Soul *NEW*

Katana: Ninja into the dark – Katana Black – Rare (Gacha) at May’s Soul *NEW*

Pants: SakareMiko-Hakama-Red from [Ay] at Japonica *NEW*



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