Look N* 1001


Skull Gurl

Crown: Daleka at Suicide Gurls

Hair: Miya at [^.^Ayashi^.^] 

Mask: Blackout Hood from *katat0nik*  at Japonica *NEW*

Body Ropes: Yumi Harness from S&P at Japonica *NEW*

Body Tattoo: Punishment Rare 2 & Ultrarare (Gacha) at Suicide Gurls

Hands Tattoo & Nails: Slaughter bloody nails at Suicide Gurls

Dress: Apron from *katat0nik*  at Japonica *NEW*

Leg String: Leg String from Tomoto at Japonica *NEW*

Geta: Shii Geta & Stockings from Aii at Kawaii Project *NEW*



Sofa: Party Set – 2Sheet Sofa Black & Solo Sofa Black at BoildEgg *NEW*

Ballon: Party Set – Party Ballon – Black at BoildEgg *NEW*

Cage: Mistery Mansion 2 – Birdcage at DrD

 Pentagram: Mistery Mansion – Wiccan pentagram at DrD

Dummy: Spook Show – Archer the Dummy – RARE at Remarkable Oblivion

Cabinet: The Doll Maker – Cabinet RARE at Remarkable Oblivion

Dolls: The Doll Maker – Iva Plague Doll &  Evil Lynn Doll at Remarkable Oblivion

Mannequin:  Spook Show – Bess Dress Mannequin &  Freida Freak Mannequin at Remarkable Oblivion

Candle: Candle Clusters  – Charcoal at Mesh Nation



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