Look N* 803


SKIN: Fatma Milk from WowSkins at The Black DotP roject *NEW*

HAIR: Valhalla – Greyscale from Adoness at Hair Fair 2015 *NEW*

EARS: Corrupt Ear from {AM} at Origami *NEW*

EYES: Onryou Yuurei from Antielle at Origami *NEW*

TONGUE: Long Tongue Dark Pink Blood at Aii *NEW*

FACE TAG: Face Tags from Arise at OhMyGacha

LIPSTICK: Smeared Makeup – Garnet at Antielle

PET: BunBun Companion at Aii *NEW*

COLLAR: Moon Necklace / Silver from Arise at Project Limited

HANDS TATTOO: Bloody Hands from Suicide Gurls *Coming soon*

BIKINI: Duel Strap Bikini B&W at !(HR 3.0)! *NEW*

KNEES TATTOO: Damaged Knees at Clemmm

FEET CLAWS: Cerentine at Suicide Gurls

FEET: Slink Mid Feet at Slink




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