Look N* 1009



Head: Catya at Catwa

Hair : Spring curls 3 – Blondes from Tableau Vivant at Bloom: Springtime Market & Gacha Grove *NEW*

Bunny Ears: Lola maid – Headdress Black from *Tentacio* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Lipstick: Mermaid’s Life – Creamlip – Set 3 from Wednesday[+] at The Secret Hideout *NEW*

Collar: Lola maid – Collar from *Tentacio* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Corset: Lola maid – Corset – Pink&White from *Tentacio* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Cuff: Lola maid – Cuff from *Tentacio* at The Epiphany *NEW*

Drink: Fesh Day – Energy milkshake pink at Collabor88 *NEW*

Roller: Lola maid – Roller Skate – Pink from *Tentacio* at The Epiphany *NEW*



Background: Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food) from Astralia at Rewid *NEW*

Radio: Vintage Radio (Gacha) at Tannhauser 

Neon Sign: Vintage Neon (Gacha) at Tannhauser 

Cups: Street Food – Heart cup blue / Heart cup red from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Candies bar: Stockholm trip – Candy Bar – Blue / Candy Bar – Pink from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Box: Street Food – Take Away Box from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Cookie bag: Street Food – Cookie bag from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Travel Bag: Stockholm trip – Trolley bag pink from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Crepe: Street Food – Sweet crepe from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Notebook: Stockholm trip – Memories from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Unicorn Donut: Street Food – Unicorn donas from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Magazine: Stockholm trip –  Study the trip from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Basket: Stockholm trip – Take away meal pink from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*

Donuts Box: Street Food – Love donas from *Tentacio* at 6° Republic *NEW*


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